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The spy dating scene is a pretty rough place. Agent Doug Smoulders is a big chin wielding, lovable secret agent seeking companionship in this modern dating simulator. Keep up on text conversations with love interests during secret missions or your heart(s) will suffer the consequences. 

00Boyfriend was made for Ludum Dare 41:
Overall we placed 4th out of 2000+ entries!

00Boyfriend on LDJam.com

=== Controls ===

A & D - Move Left and Right
Space - Jump
Shift - Dash (and Dodge!)
Right Mouse Button - Aim
Left Mouse Button - Fire!
R - Reload
Tab - Open/Close Phone
Letter Keys - Reply
Escape - Pause Menu


00Boyfriend.exe 132 MB
00Boyfriend.zip 119 MB


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Lots of fun. I did notice that the baddies don't aim up or down, except for the ones with a bazooka. And the explosion from the bazooka projectiles don't do any damage, only direct hits. In addition to what avstradoc mentioned, the same lines are repeated on each level.


Very fun, I feel like this could turn into a full fledged game with more levels, maybe make the texting actually have a conversation? I saw that it repeated the same lines a few times, but if it actually branched out more and created different conversations and the levels were harder, it could be an even more entertaining game that I could see someone like Markiplier or Pewdiepie playing