A downloadable game for Windows

Here is our project for the Shack News game jam! 

Run Don Run is a procedurally generated platform runner, based on Shack News' meme wall. Run with don and avoid  inevitable death! R.I.P.

Thanks.txt for playing! 


Jump - spacebar!

Collecting limes let you jump again!


Patrick Hill -@cilethDev -cileth.itch.io
-Programming, art,game design, music, sound 

Sam Bragg -@SwordnStallion -samstallion.itch.io
-Art, game design

Tristan Deniet -royalsoup.itch.io


shackNewsJam.zip 33 MB


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Really good game! An endless runner where you collect tickets and jump on monsters. I like the pants feature. I didn't realise he didn't have pants until I got pants lol. 

Found a bug for ya!